Food & Tradition
la qualità del cibo e del vino della Puglia sono noti in tutto il mondo, qui potrete gustare tutti i sapori del mediterraneo con la ricchezza dei suoi prodotti che generosamente offre ai suoi ospiti.

The Recipes

The omelette with mint, the Hat: one of the many recipes for cooking aubergine and courgette from Ostunense countryside.
Ncapriata: a plate full of flavour composed from a cream of dried beans boiled in water and salt. It’s then added to chicory or broccoli, which has been cooked separately and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. The famous orecchiette, the brasciole: rolls formed from slices of meat stuffed with ham, parsley and grated pecorino. They are then fried in oil and onion, with tomatoes. The dish of potatoes, rice and mussels”: a spectacular flavour, especially if tasted when cooked in a wood oven using the traditional “fire above and fire below” method.

Restaurant ``Le Monacelle``

Its menu features only local dishes made with ingredients produced on site in a crescendo of taste and quality. You will dive into a sea of authentic flavours, enhanced by the unique and welcoming courtesy of Dario and his staff.