Ostuni is known as ‘The White City’ because of its characteristic whitewashed homes. This clever use of lime to brighten the houses in the old town is still part of the uniqueness of the town and is a feature that makes it instantly recognisable. The Sant’Oronzo ride is the most anticipated and important festival in Ostuni. Every year the 25th, 26th and 27th August are dedicated to the Saint. A procession of horses and riders dressed to the nines, parade through the streets to escort the protector of the city. During the riots of the Risorgimento, Ostuni was the first city in Puglia to raise the national flag known as the Tricolore.

Valle D’Itria

In the southern part of the Murgia plateau, between the provinces of Bari Brindisi and Taranto, lies the Valle d’Itria. It is known for its ‘trulli’, the famous buildings in dry stone cone. All surrounded, as far as the eye can see, by vineyards and olive groves in a succession of scents and colours of a dazzling beauty. Even the architecture allows views and inspires emotions: the old towns whose streets are paved with typical Chianche, such as Martina Franca. In addition to typical Itriani contexts, it has a mixture of Baroque including the magnificent Basilica of St. Martin and its court: a set of arches and finely carved arcades. Another typical construction of the Valley is the Masseria: originally born from large estates and therefore also inhabited by landowners.